Löb Lecture, University of Leeds, May 2008

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DSCN3145 DSCN3147 DSCN3148 DSCN3149 DSCN3150 DSCN3151 DSCN3152
DSCN3153 DSCN3154 DSCN3155 DSCN3156 DSCN3157 DSCN3159 DSCN3160
DSCN3161 DSCN3162 DSCN3163 DSCN3164 DSCN3165 DSCN3166 DSCN3167
DSCN3168 DSCN3169 DSCN3171 DSCN3172 DSCN3173 DSCN3174 DSCN3175
DSCN3176 DSCN3177 DSCN3178 DSCN3179 DSCN3180 DSCN3181 DSCN3183

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