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This meeting will run from 2pm on Monday September 6 to 1 pm on Wednesday September 8. 
The following have agreed to speak:
Oliver Deiser (University of Munich)
Thomas Forster (University of Cambridge)
Volker Halbach (University of Konstanz)
Lorenz Halbeisen (Queen's University, Belfast)
Pascal Koiran (Lyon ENS)
Angus Macintyre (University of Edinburgh)
Edmund Robinson (Queen Mary, University of London)
Ulrike Sattler (University of Manchester)
Anton Setzer (University of Wales at Swansea)
Peter Simons (University of Leeds)
John Tucker (University of Wales at Swansea)

The organisers thank the London Mathematical Society (under Scheme 1) and the British Logic Colloquium for funding the event.

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