Aims and Scope

Topological solitons have important applications in many branches of physics, from high energy and condensed matter physics to astrophysics and cosmology. The study of their dynamics requires a fascinating fusion of differential geometry, classical field theory and integrable systems theory, collectively called moduli space methods. The underlying theme is that important information about soliton dynamics can be deduced from geometric properties of the moduli space of static soliton solutions. These moduli spaces often turn out to have exceptional geometric properties which make them rewarding objects of study in their own right (for example, the monopole and instanton moduli spaces are hyperkaehler).

The aim of this week-long LMS-EPSRC Short Instructional Course is to introduce students to moduli space methods in a variety of important contexts. There will be three five-hour lecture courses, supported by daily problems classes:

In addition there will be hour-long guest lectures by

The course is aimed particularly at UK postgraduate students, though postdoctoral researchers and overseas students are also encouraged to apply. Details of the application procedure may be found here. Informal enquiries should be directed to the course organizers. A printable poster is available here.